From building a youth arts program from the ground up to designing one-time workshop
curricula, Ellie is well-versed in leading, directing and supporting students to achieve
self-discovery and excellence in theater. With eight years of experience in ages 6-18+, Ellie is a
passionate teacher and director dedicated to providing informed, inclusive, and comprehensive
theater education. Sample curricula available on request.
In 2018, after a beloved local children’s theater group closed, Ellie, alongside sister
Madi and mom Laura, realized the need for quality youth theater education in the Bay Area.
Together they founded Summer @ The Conservatory, hosted at The Harker School 
but open to
students from all over. The program has grown every year since, now hosting a Musical Theater
Intensive, Film Intensive, Intensive theater program for high-school students and a Presents
program for middle-school students, and welcomes close to 100 students every summer.